All About Airports in the UK


Since flight has become one of the most popular transportation options for domestic and international travellers, the world's airports have had to become more high-tech, more streamlined, and far more organized.  With the introduction of the concept of 'low-cost' airlines, airports have found themselves swamped with huge increases in passenger numbers, not to mention the jump in airlines jostling for docking bays!  Recent negative publicity regarding airport security and the organization of Terminal 5 at London Heathrow may have led to a downturn in consumer confidence, though this needn't be the case - many of the world's airports are well planned, well maintained, and are generally interesting places for all that use them.


airport passengers boardingIt is the overwhelming potential to explore distant lands that airports allow us combined with an overt show of aviation science and engineering that makes airport terminals fun places to be.  Imagine looking at a departure board and seeing all the far-flung destinations around the world that airlines are soon to travel! 


Picture yourself observing the take-off or landing of an Airbus or Boeing 747, hearing the roar of the engines and seeing the incomprehensible manner in which the plane soars through the sky.  It is the sheer possibilities that airports inspire in us as travellers and human beings that make them enjoyable.  When you combine these feelings of wonder and escapism with the chance to partake in a bit of duty-free shopping, you quickly realize that airports offer an almost irresistible mix of pleasures.

Gatwick airport parking

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